This project arose from some people pointing out that I needed a series. So for this series I chose to do 100 Washington trail paintings. This series will likely take a few years but I look forward to the challenge. Each will be done either Plein air or inspired by the experience of actually being there on the trail. Most will be oil or watercolor.
 Both day hikes and backpacking trips will be included. The trails will be selected from the Washington trail database, so since they have a broad range of distances and types of hikes, some will be from local small parks, some will be wilderness treks. I have no affiliation with the wta organization, just merely using their excellent research tool. 
Trails provide wonderful enrichment for folks to get out in nature and enjoy the beauty of the natural world as its meant to be. I hope to convey that substance in my paintings for you to enjoy in your home. I will try to include the hashtag #100washingtontrails on all posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc) so you can easily find the paintings and the story with them. Also included will be the name of the hike that it was created on or inspired by.
Thank you, Jenny

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